Caravels were small and versatile, but extremely seaworthy ships ; at the hands of an experienced crew they were capable to sustain long and dangerous journeys across the oceans, exploring new horizons.

They represent the desire to innovate, the courage to undertake, the perseverance leading to achievement, the curiosity to explore off the beaten track, the consistency and the experience that make one overcome crisis and finally, the strength of a well-functioning and complementary team.

These are our values and commitments that we put at the service of our clients in order to contribute to the success of their projects and accompany them in a sustainable way.

Through an agile, human-sized structure, we are able to respond to our clients' needs in a pragmatic and proactive way, at reasonable and transparent costs.

The international background and practices of our team members allow us to accompany our clients expanding their business abroad.

We act as experts in the French legal and business environment, while having developed a particular expertise and practice in Germany and with German-speaking countries, as well as with Luxembourg, the United States, Dubai and Hong Kong. We are also able to assist you with your projects in most other jurisdictions, due to our extensive international practice and our solid network of partners abroad.